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Blue Lilly Tattoo

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Tattoo of a blue and white water lily flower by Buzz. Tattoo designs - L >> Lilly / Lily. Lilly Tattoo Designs-The whiteness of the lily`s long white petals speaks of purity, innocence, and chastity. lily tattoos - information on the background and symbolism of lilies used in tattoo artwork.Lily tattoos include Fluer-De-Lis, easter lily, water lily, tiger lily, Calla Lily Tattoo. Native to the African hinterlands, a calla lily is not a true lily. In the language of the place from where it originates, its name means a pig`s ear. Water Lily Tattoos What do water lily tattoos stand for? What are the different designs you can express yourself with? Find out here. Tiger lily tattoos are colorful and look elegant. They have a sober and sweet aura. The six curved petals with spots in the base have a freshness and eye-catching .

Blue Rose Tattoos Even though blue roses do not exist, that hasn`t stopped people from getting it inked as a tattoo. If you wish to get a blue rose tattoo, then the .